Teen films Dad singing in the car. Millions are falling in love with Dad’s voice!

Everybody loves singing in their cars when there’s no one to listen to them but the open road (and therefore no reason to feel embarrassed). I bet there’s at least one song you like to belt out in your car. But although we’re all guilty of doing a little car karaoke, it’s safe to say that not all of us have a knack for singing.
Well, the man in the video below definitely doesn’t belong in this category. His daughter took a video of him singing a classic country song, Tennessee Whisky, while they were taking a ride in the car, and his performance is going viral.
The man sounds like a professional singer, so it’s hard to believe this talented dad doesn’t have much experience performing on stage. His biggest fan is, of course, his teenage daughter who couldn’t feel prouder to have such a talented dad.
The girl named Dayla can be seen lip-syncing along her dad throughout the song, showing that she shares her dad’s passion for quality country music.
Since the video was posted online, it gathered millions of views online and even got the attention of Ellen DeGeneres who invited Dayla on her show.

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