The child fell into the pool … But every parent should see the way he saves himself!

Mommies and daddies know one of the golden rules of being a parent: you should never turn your back on a child. In one split second, everything can change. Therefore, this video is so important. Children are very unpredictable and can get into places that they should not, and a disaster can occur anytime. This video is something that every parent should see, because it could make the difference between life and death. The lessons that you’ll see in these pictures, teaches children how to save themselves  when they  fall in the water.

Babies who appear in this movie are the demonstration that these lessons are useful and determines us all to watch our children. Even if by misadventure,  the kid accidental falls into the pool, see how he manages to mobilize, to rise to the surface of the water and take a position to support the body in a horizontal position, floating.
As he is still quite scared, he cries for his parents to come in a hurry to see what happened. Children, especially when they are babies, they experience womb where  they “swim” freely and can therefore find it very handy to successfully undergo autosaving  lessons.

When we fail to give our children self-confidence, we can be sure that nobody will be forced to announce in the media tragedies with babies  who lose their life for the simple fact that they did not know how to swim.
You can rest assured, the child from the video did not suffer – he took ISR lessons – “Infant Swimming Resource” which means autosaving swimming sessions for babies and toddlers.

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