The GREATEST Wedding photo of all time! You will be moved to tears!

Hundreds of thousands of people have found inspiration in a wedding photo that a young couple posted it on the internet. Because the photo became viral, the fresh wife decided to write a blog to tell the story behind the photo.
“Just a few minutes before I head to the altar, my future in-law came to tell me that her son is calling me. I just thought I’m not ready, I needed to take my shoes and maybe he will not like my. I was full of emotions. “the story begins.

The bride was led to a chair in a corner of the room. The groom was waiting behind the door, in a chair. She spoke first: “Honey, we’re getting married today!” He replied:

I know, baby, and I want to pray with you before we do that.
And there were standing there, without seeing each other, with everyone running in front of them, arranging the things. “My husband asked God to bless our marriage, as we pass through every difficult moment and not to lose confidence in each other. He prayed on that instead of focusing on the imperfections of the other, to always rely on the perfection of Christ. To wake up every morning and choose to love not by our power but by the power of Christ. ”

Bre Curtas who was 23 when she married Josh told her story one year after the wedding, when the picture became viral. She only remembers bits of her wedding. But that prayer will stay in her memory forever.


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