The Story That Impressed The Entire Facebook (VIDEO)

An old man from Bucharest who lived in inhuman conditions received via Facebook users a new home. Impressed by his story, many young people were mobilized on Facebook, they raised money and have mounted an new house in a modular container.

Uncle John, as he is known by neighbors, lived most of his life in Rahova in Bucharest until a fire put the house down.

For about 20 years old living in a shelter built of cardboard and old boards practically waterlogged. It’s not like you think of a homeless man, but a man who had an extraordinary power of work, he is beaten after not giving trouble that affected his life. Following the fire, she has decided to start again from scratch, even if all his labor of a life gone.

Over time he got used to live in those inhuman conditions, from day to day and help persuade the neighbors that something to eat.

Ray of hope emerged when several young people were mobilized on Facebook, promoting the story.

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