Deaf Daughter’s Toy Looks Ordinary, Then She Notices the Doll’s Unique Ears

All kids want toys that look like them. It’s that sense of familiarity that makes them feel safe and happy. Also, having toys around them that look like them helps them feel included and validate their identity.

Also giving children toys that look like them is an excellent way to help them develop a healthy self-image, and form a well-rounded worldview. A big step forward was achieved through the introduction of ethnicity dolls. Toys that celebrate the racial diversity that exists in the world.

But what about kids with disability? Disability comes in a wide variety of forms, so it can be hard for parents of children with disability, if not impossible, to find toys that would make their children feel represented.

An organization called #ToyLikeMe decided it was time to address this problem. To show kids with disability that they are just as worthy and beautiful an anyone else, the organization aims to change “normal” toys by giving them the same aids and assisting devices as the kids who will own them.

Also the dolls mirror the children disabilities, and the result is incredible.

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