This Dog Makes $15,000 A Month Modeling Menswear. Let`s meet BODHI

bodhi_dog_modeling (1)Owners Yena Kim and David Fung say their Shiba Bodhi “lit up” when they put clothes on him. Some folks just got the look, I guess? Also let me reiterate, his name is Bodhi. Yes, he is named after Patrick Swayze from Point Break.

“He kind of likes to bless the areas where he shoots,” says Kim.

Part unlikely fashion icon, part iconoclast conceived to poke fun at the manicured self-seriousness of Fashion Tumblr, Menswear Dog has become big business in his own right for Kim and her boyfriend David Fung.

“When we first dressed him up for fun [in spring 2013], he started posing for us, and doing like Blue bodhi_dog_modeling (2)Steel and Magnum,” says Fung, 29, a graphic designer naming modeling poses from Zoolander. “We originally posted his photo to Facebook as a gag.”

Fung and Kim have carved out a formidable niche for Menswear Dog among aesthetes, and not just online. There’s Instagram (148k followers), Facebook (91k likes), and Tumblr (224k followers), sure.

Between all their gigs, Bodhi’s parents say a good month takes in $15,000, but they haven’t seen less than $10,000 for a while. So, where do I sell my soul to become a dog worthy of hawking menswear?

bodhi_dog_modeling (3)

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