This Father Has a Reason For Not Walking His Daughter Down The Aisle. You will be moved to tears!

Although she is only four years old, Chloe was diagnosed with brain tumor just before Christmas.
After being subjected to numerous tests, the doctor who was on duty that day, had to go to the little girl’s parents and give them the worst news of their lives.

Chloe’s parents felt like the world no longer makes sense to them, and the first question was whether the father will be able to see the day when she will get married. The doctor promised to do everything in its power to save her, and so he did.

The girl went through three surgeries and now her father asked the physician to be the one to take his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. According to the doctor it seems that the girl responded well treatment and her father’s dream is closer to reality, day by day.

Grab some tissues before hitting play. You’re gonna need them.

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