This Guy Thinks The World Should End, And His Reasons Will Inspire You A Lot

Interestingly this video has been shared by all my ‘ facebook friends’ who I would of considered to be part of the unawakened & unaware. Times are a changing.

“Unlike most artists, Prince Ea has his own style in music and lyrics. The 25 year old hip hop artist released a great video, “Why I Think This World Should End” on September 8th, 2014 and in just 3 days, the video has been shared over a million times. Why? Because of its heartfelt, direct, and simple message, to Love. Prince Ea describes the world we live in as a world where race and religion are major issues – violence, hatred, and pride are at an all-time high. Conversely humility, love and peace are rare to find. “So yes,” he says, “the world is coming to an end and the path towards a new beginning starts within you.”

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