This Is What A “Pool dog party” looks like

An adorable pool dog party has been held in Michigan, on a dog daycare center, named Lucky Puppy. The dogs playing in their bone-shaped pool look happier about their pool than I’ve felt about anything ever.The owners can leave their pets at this dog daycare, with trained professional, while they are leaving the town. Different day-care centers have different levels of care, and this one boasts of a 3 acre supervised playground, 7 acres of nature trails and, of course, one awesome dog-bone pool.
When to go on vacation, accommodation dog (or cat) is a problem because few hotels allow pets.
What do you do if you want to take your dog and (or cat) with you? In special hotels for pets, humans best friends are treated like kings and queens. Good food, great company and lots of fun. Sometimes we envy them! 🙂

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