This racist family learns a valuable lesson at the hospital! Death doesn’t care about race!

Life or death does not take into account race, much less skin color or age … it is important for people to be united in all conditions. Some of us, however, do not realize that a simple man, with no financial possibilities, of a certain nationality can become the most important person on earth. This young Pakistani girl saved the life of a family with strong racist beliefs. At first, the family that you see does not want to have anything to do with the young person on the left – and all this because he is different from them. Moreover, they do not have the slightest problem to show the repulsion they feel. Afterwards, the doctor invites all four in the infirmary, to reveal them a big secret.
The short film entitled “Tzafar (Jafar)” by Nancy Spetsioti, depicts a scene quite common in today’s society: a disrespectful and discriminatory family reveals they true nature when in contact with a person belonging to another race or other nationalities.
In the waiting room of a hospital, a young man is waiting to be invited inside. At the same cabinet comes a family that tries as much as possible to avoid contact with the young.
It is surprising that they are invited to come together in the office. After the doctor congratulates the little girl after the operation, their parents get acquainted with the young man, who was was actually the donor who contributed to saving the life of their daughter. The young man smiles, and parents realize what tolerance really means.
When life hangs by a thread, realize how much people matter to us, especially when we urgently need a transplant. Donors are those who give us this chance and they are the most wonderful people that sometimes we don’t even know.
This video will make you cry!

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