Tiny Boy Faces Hundreds of Strangers. Now Watch Their Epic Response When He Steals the Show

Part of the joy of raising a child is getting the privilege to witness them discover the world around them. It’s incredible to witness children’s reaction to things that seem ordinary to us as adults and see the world through their eyes.
Everything seems more magical and more special seen through the eyes of a child because they have the kind of enthusiasm and joy that many of us have lost on our ways to adulthood.
Also, kids are no afraid to interact with others and showcase their true personalities. That’s why toddlers in particular can easily make friends. The adorable little boy in the video below, for instance, only needed a few seconds to make no less than 500 new friends, and the entire moment was caught on video. The way they interact will surely put a smile on your face.
When this little boy lifts up his hands, this 500-person crowd goes wild. And soon, the boy realizes that has the power to control the crowd! When he claps, the crowd responds in the same way, and when he goes crazy, so does the crowd! Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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