Tiny Girl Poses in Front of Mirror, Breaks Out in Moves That’s Melting Internet’s Heart

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I spent a lot of my free time, pretending to be a famous performer by singing in front of the mirror with a big hair brush instead of a microphone. And to go with my performance, I also busted my best moves and danced until my mom would come into the room to tell me to turn down the volume.
Well, no one is telling the adorable little girl in the video below to stop her performance in front of the mirror, but then again, she might actually turn what is now merely a passion into a successful career. Wearing her mom’s shoes which are obviously too big for her, this cutie puts on her best flamenco moves, and the Internet has fallen in love with her.
Dressed in a flower dress and wearing a flower in her curly hair, the girl looks ready to take over the biggest stages in the world. For now, though, her stage is the family’s living room, but the future is definitely looking bright for this talented, young performer.
She sure has the right attitude and the drive to become a famous dancer one day. You need to see this!

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