Tiny girl steps up to Mic, belts out Sinatra hit that leaves everyone’s mouths hanging Open

Singing a Frank Sinatra song in a way that does it justice is a huge challenge even for professional artists who have a lot of experience, so I can see why the thought of a 5-year-old taking on the same challenge may raise a few eyebrows at first.
However, the amazing little girl in the video below is talented beyond her years and has an artistic sensibility that is hard to come by nowadays. Not only does 5-year-old Sophie Fatu have incredible vocal abilities, but she actually has a special place in her heart for the classics.
Believe it or not, at an age where most kids appreciate Elsa from the famous Disney movie, Sophie let everyone know that Frank Sinatra is one of her favorite singers ever. Frank Sinatra is without a doubt one of the top music icons in the world, so it’s hard to pick just one song that marked his career. But if I were to pick just one, I would say “Fly Me to the Moon” is one of his most beloved songs.
Through the years, all sorts of musicians have covered this song, but little Sophie’s performance takes things to a whole new level. Take a look:

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