After toddler barely survives “dry-drowning” scare, doctors urge parents to learn warning signs

Ever heard of a thing called dry-drowning? Although not many people seem to be familiar with this, it’s a real threat, and knowing the warning signs could actually help save a life someday.
Dry-drowning is an occurrence that mainly represents a threat to small children. Dry-drowning occurs when water, or other fluids, get trapped in the lungs. This can happen after a toddler has gone swimming, but it can also happen after an event as common as taking a bath.
The main challenge with this condition is that many parents might overlook the warning signs, because the symptoms the child displays at first are not very severe. However, the conditions will worsen by the day.
It’s what happened to the 2-yeard-old in the video below. The boy had swallowed some water after he went swimming, and soon began complaining about head pain. Luckily, the boy’s parents came across information that made them decided it’s best to take the boy to a doctor immediately.
This helped save their child’s life. Watch the video below to get more details about what dry-drowning is all about and what are the warning signs every parent should be aware of:

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