Toddler jumps in and swims across pool without help

Do you remember how old you were when you learned how to swim? I remember I was well into my teenager years when I finally mustered up the courage to let my dad teach me how to swim. And let me tell you, I was the exact opposite of a fast learner.
I know I am not the only one like this. In fact, many people are afraid of water and feel quite nervous about learning how to swim. And then there are those to whom swimming is second nature. The baby in the video below is one of those people.
The toddler managed to swim all across the pool, without receiving any kind of help or assistance. What’s most striking is how comfortable he appears to be feeling under water. It looks like the boy has an innate ability to swim, but the truth is that babies are not born with the ability to swim.
However, they have reflexes that makes it look like this!
This kid definitely has the kind of abilities that could turn him into an Olympic swimmer one day! Have you ever seen a baby swim like this before? Cause we haven’t!

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