Toddler meets a wild deer who wants to play

It’s always wonderful to see kids interact with animals, right? Their innocence combined with their curiosity and willingness to learn as much about the world as possible is downright fascinating. It also makes them more open to experience new things without fear and doubt. Kids just want to share their love and experience the world to its full potential. So when the little girl in the video below came across a baby deer in a garden, she immediately ran towards her, curios to see the animal up close.

Luckily, dad was there to capture the beautiful interaction that followed. Although the baby deer was a bit intimidated at first, she soon realized that all the toddler wants to do is play with her. After chasing her for a little while, the baby girl finally managed to get close to the baby deer that finally felt comfortable enough to let the tiny human near her.

They then spent a few minutes having fun together and enjoying each other’s company. Kids and baby animals are great together, so make sure to share this wonderful and endearing clip with all of your friends and family online!

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