He Tosses 1 Handful of Dry Pasta into A Pan, Shows Quick & Easy Trick That Works Every Time

If you are anything like me, then chances are you could eat past for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And pasta is not only delicious but it’s actually very quick and easy to make. In fact, probably the most time-consuming part is boiling the pasta. As it turns out, though, there’s a simpler way to cook pasta that doesn’t involve boiling lots and lots of water.
According to the specialist in the video below, you can save a lot of time, a lot of water, and a lot of energy by starting out with a common frying pen and cold water. All you have to do is put the pasta in the frying pan, poor a quarter or so of water on top of them, and turn on the heat.
Because the water is cold, the pasta won’t stick to the pan. After cooking the pasta for the amount of time indicated on the package, you’ll have delicious pasta that is perfectly cooked and ready to go.
Not only that, but you’ll also be left with a generous amount of thickening liquid that you can use to make all kinds of delicious sauces. This is such a clever trick, right?

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