Town Locks Up Church for 70 Years, Then A Dying Man Gets in and Makes a Stunning Realization

Most people want to be surrounded by friends and family when that inevitable moment comes when you have to say goodbye to this world and hopefully enter into a better one. Unfortunately, not everybody has this privilege.
Greg Thomas started a lonely journey towards the end when he was diagnosed with stage-four cancer when he was only 57-years-old. Doctors only gave him a few months to live and advised him to start making arrangements and putting his affairs in order.
What doctors didn’t know is that the man had little family to help him through this extremely difficult times. To clear his mind, the man often took long walks with his dog companion. One day, the man came across an old wooden church. The church had been locked up for more than 70 years and nobody had prayed in it during all that time.
The church was in an advanced state of deterioration, but Greg could see there was something special about that little church. As he prayed to God for a miracle, Greg had an idea that would give him new purpose in life.
Watch the video below to find out what happened next.

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