She Tries to Befriend a Sad Homeless Man, But He Brushes Her Off. 2 Weeks Later, She Comes Back

Life is a rollercoaster, and we all have those difficult moments we go through in life. And when things get tough, the help of a loved one or friend is priceless. Sadly, not everybody has people in their lives they can count on for advice and help during hard times.
John Lochlan, a homeless veteran living on the streets of Philadelphia, had slowly but surely started to lose his trust in the kindness of people. After being ignored by society for years and years, the man finally hit rock bottom after a car ran over him as if he was invisible.
The accident left him with severe spinal injury and infections in his legs that made it impossible for him to walk or even sit up straight.
The man’s luck finally changed when he met woman named Lolly Galvin, the founder the Dignity Project. The organization’s goal is to help homeless people regain some of their dignity and confidence by providing them with supplies and giving them haircuts.
Seeing the condition John was in, Lolly knew that without her help, the man would most likely die. So she did her best to gain John’s trust so that she could help him. Here’s what happened next:

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