Viral VIDEO: President Barack Obama accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge! Watch the video here!

Ice Bucket Challenge has “arrived” at the White House. President Barack Obama – he was nominated by several people, including international stars. Unlike Putin, who said he has a very busy agenda and time does not allow to participate in such a game, Obama accepted this challenge.
Before he throws bucket of water on his head, the president says he will donate and urging us to do so.
Numerous personalities from around the world joined and donated for the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” . Participants are challenged to pour ice water on his head and make a donation in the research of brain disorders. ALS Association has already raised 41.8 million dollars in donations during the period July 29 to August 21, compared with 2.1 million in the same period last year.
“Ice Bucket Challenge” became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to social media! Donate for a noble cause!

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