Warning signs of a potential blood clot that you shouldn’t ignore

Information is power, and that is true when it comes to all aspects of life, including health. That is why it is important that you stay informed and read about warning signs like the ones mentioned in the video below, because it could definitely save you a lot of troubles.
Now, blood clotting is a natural process and may be triggered by the body in response to a cut or if you get wounded. The body immediately starts to clot to prevent blood loss that might put your life at risk.
However, if coagulation is triggered inappropriately, a blood clot can form in one of the large veins in the body, when it’s not needed to prevent blood loss. These are located all throughout the human body, in the legs, pelvis, abdomen, or more rarely in the arms.
There’s a medical name for this condition, and it’s called deep vein thrombosis or DVT. By watching the video below, you will learn more info about what are the warning signs of a potential blood clot in your body, which include experiencing severe headaches, swelling in one limb and more.
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