Watch 9 months of pregnancy happen in just 4 minutes

You’ve probably heard giving birth being described as a miracle more times than you can come to remember. And I think you and I both can agree that that’s hardly an exaggeration. I mean, the entire process is pretty surreal, don’t you think?
How some tiny little cells can turn into a human it’s downright incredible. Month-by-month, babies grew in the safety and comfort of their mother’s womb until the big day comes and is time to face the world.
And although most of us have a tendency to romanticize pregnancy, the truth is that a woman’s body has to put in a lot of work to bring a baby into the world.
During the nine months of pregnancy, many small and bigger processes take place that make it all possible in the end. Every stage of pregnancy comes with its own set of characteristics and it’s fascinating to learn more about each one of them.
But since we’re all busy people, chances are you don’t have a lot of time. But if you still want to learn more about it, you can watch nine months of pregnancy happen in just four minutes if you just hit play on the video below.
Life in the womb is pretty exciting.

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