Woman Dies After Scan At Airport. You Must See What Happened

Airport-Security-Scanner-Kills-30-Year-Old-Woman-in-Russia-465773-2Diana died after airport scan

Last week, a woman named Diana Tolstova was killed by an airport security scanner in the city of Ulan-Ude in Russia. Her husband, Maxim, 33, said they had provided papers proving that Tolstova was fitted with the heart device – which is adversely affected by airport scanners.

“I don’t know what happened, but she went through it anyway,” he told Central European News agency.

“When we got to the departure gate she began to feel dizzy and suddenly collapsed,” according to the The Telegraph report.

How can a security scanner kill anybody?

It is understood that, quite a while ago, 30-year-old Diana Tolstova was fitted with a pacemaker. As explained by specialists, it is possible for airport security scanners to interfere with such devices and cause them to malfunction.

By the looks of it, this is precisely what happened to Maxim Tolstova’s wife. Thus, the scanner most likely toyed with her pacemaker. This translated into the woman experiencing an irregular heartbeat and eventually dying.

Airport officials are investigating.

“Security and airport personnel are given strict instructions about how to handle people with pacemakers, and we warn them never to let a wearer go through a metal detector,” an airport spokesman said.

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