Woman Driving by Notices McDonald’s Strange Nativity Scene. Posts Pic That Goes Viral

With Christmas just around the corner, many stores and restaurants have already started dressing up their display windows to spread some holiday cheer. But a McDonald’s restaurant in Spring Hill, Tennessee has a windows decoration that is causing people to talk about it – a lot.
The store’s nativity scene display is not what anyone expect, and it seems that the employees who work there decided to use this time of the year to make an important statement. However, the owner of the francize say they’ve been doing the same window decoration for years, but now thanks to social media, this has gone viral.
The reason this particular nativity scene got so much attention online and in the media is because it stands out from what most the other stores and major corporations are doing for the holidays, and that is sticking to more generic greetings and decorations.
You see, in today’s society where everything has to be politically correct, having a message like “His Name is Jesus. Rejoice” written in big, bold letters is not very common because it might cause some people to feel offended, stigmatized or excluded.
What do you think about this McDonalds’ window decoration? Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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