Woman posts to Facebook just before a tragic car accident. Her story is a wake-up call

Most of us spend our days with our phones glued to our hands. We can’t imagine going anywhere without taking our phones with us; it’s like they’ve somehow became an extension of ourselves. Specialists have warned time and time again of the possible risks we face, including developing a strong addiction to this technology that we won’t be able to keep under control.
But the dangers go well beyond just that. Whether we use them to responds to texts, check and update our social media profiles, or make a call, our phones can be a huge distraction when we’re behind the wheel.
Even just a few seconds of staring down at our phones and not looking at the road can put our lives – and the lives of others – in great danger.
32-year-old Courtney Ann Sanford lost her life because she decided to take a selfie while she was driving to work and the song “Happy” by Pharrell came on the radio. She uploaded the picture to Facebook, and that post turned out to be the last thing Courtney ever did.
While she was distracted posting on Facebook, her car went across the center median and into oncoming traffic.

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