Woman records her grandmother and great aunt arguing over directions like only sisters could

They say you get wiser with time. You learn to be more patient and enjoy the little things in life, things like getting to share a car ride with your sister or friend. But, if you ask me, some things never change, no matter how old you get.
I for once know I will never like raisins. I don’t like them now, never did and never will.You should never say never, but some things don’t change. Like siblings arguing with each other.
All brothers and sisters fight. Sure, not to a degree at which it become a problem, but an argument now and then it’s totally normal between siblings.


If you have a brother or sister, you probably know this first-hand: there’s no one that can annoy you faster than a closed one. They know exactly what buttons to push to make you instantly lose your cool. That’s because the ones who love us the most are the ones who know us best.
And if you need one more proof that shows that we’ll all have arguments with our brothers and sisters as long as we are alive and kicking, just take a look at the two ladies in the video below.
At 107 years old and 97 years old respectively, they still have the energy to argue with each other.

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