Woman with Down Syndrome Competes in Miss USA Pageant for 1st Time, Doesn’t Return Empty-handed

As a society, we’ve put a lot labels when it comes to what we consider to be beautiful. But the truth is that true beauty doesn’t fit any stereotype. True beauty doesn’t have race, color, or height.
And now one young woman from the United States named Mikayla Holmgren is paving the way for others with special needs by being the 1st woman with Down Syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota pageant.
And although she didn’t go home with the title of Miss Minnesota, the woman’s biggest hope is that her effort – which did net her the Spirit of Miss Minnesota award – can serve as an inspiration for other young women with the condition to not let anyone and anything hold them back from pursuing their dream.
Whether that dream is to become the next big supermodel or the CEO of their companies, Mikayla wants them to know that everything is possible and that their condition shouldn’t not stop them from leading the life they’ve envisioned for themselves.
It’s thanks to incredible women out there like Mikayla who challenge stereotypes, blazing the path for change, that the concept of beauty continues to evolve. Watch the video below to learn more about her story:

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