Young Cheerleader Starts ‘Routine’. Astonishing Captured Footage Goes Viral

High school gymnastics might sound like something teens do as a hobby, but although it does involve having a lot of passion, the level of performance at which some teens are at makes it seem more like more like a professional endeavor.
Some of these kids fit the profile of a professional athlete and have moves that would impress even those who do this professionally. Case in point: the young cheerleaders in the video below. They are being schooled by the best in the biz and constantly welcome guests who can train them in this sport they’ve chosen to pursue.
Just recently, the young cheerleaders welcomed a surprise guests that gave everyone a lesson they won’t soon forget. None other than the famous Angel Rise showed up to perform a short yet incredible routine. In under half a minute, Angel did 5 double twists and 4 passes, leaving all those watching open-mouthed.
And although Angel made it seem easy, what she is able to do is the result of years of training, as well as a set of very special skills Angel could rely on from a very age. Take a look and don’t forget to share:

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