12 Birds, 2 Cats and a Chipmunk – What Could Go Wrong?

Ever tried to decorate a Christmas tree with a cat around? If you did, then you know it’s an impossible task. Cats are instantly drawn to everything that stands out and moves. They just can’t help it, I guess. If you doubt it, I dare you to try and wiggle your toes when there’s a cat around and see what happens.
It’s an instinct cats have to make it easier for them to catch prey. They can adjust their speed to the speed of the moving object and have incredible focus. Well, that’s bad news for birds, rats, chipmunks and pretty much every other little creature that moves and might end up under a cat’s radar.
The two curious felines in the video below named Cole and Marmalade can’t resist whenever birds and chipmunks hang around in their backyard. The cats can spend hours and hours watching their every move from the windows without losing interest.
Judging by how focused these two cats are, I’m pretty sure the rest of the house could be on fire and the cats would barely notice it. Honestly, that window is basically the equivalent of Netflix. Cats these days…Back in the day, cats would go out and, oh well, catch stuff.

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