2 dogs refuse to leave each other’s side after their owner abandons them

It’s always nice to have a good friend by your side, especially during difficult moments in your life. Having someone to share the good and the bad things life throws at you can really make all the difference in the world. A friend who understands exactly what you are going through can comfort you and make problems seem a lot smaller
That’s true whether you’re a human or a doggie, and the two dogs in the video below prove it. Bambi and Booboo were found standing in a bus stop all on their own. They looked as if they were living on the streets for quite some time. They were hungry, scared and dirty, but the rescuers noticed something else about them.
The dogs were standing right beside each other. Whatever they went, they went together. Even when the rescuers managed to catch them and put them in the car, the two dogs still refused to leave each other’s side.
Most likely, the two dogs belonged to the same owner who abandoned them together. They were waiting at that bus stop hoping for their owner to come back after them, but that sadly never happened. Luckily, they are now both off the streets and safe.

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