13-Year-Old’s Powerful Cover of “Go Rest High On That Mountain” Is Sending Goosebumps

Do you remember what you were up to when you were 13-years-old? If you were anything like me, then chances are you spent your afternoons practicing in the mirror; pretending to be a famous singer! But that’s how far you’ve got to actually having a career as a singer.
Well, the young lady in the video below has every chance of becoming one of the most famous singers in the world. Despite her young age and lack of experience, Calista has everything it takes to make it in this business.
For starters, she has the voice of an angel, as you can hear from her rendition of the popular country song “Go Rest High On That Mountain” captured in the video below. What’s more, Calista knows how to play guitar, and she actually does it pretty well.
The fact that she already knows how to play an instrument at such a young age is only going to help her down the road. What’s more, the camera seems to love her! Her youthful look and innocent face are hard to ignore.
Listening to this performance will instantly bring you a sense of peace and calm, so if this is something you need right now, hit play!

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