3 times a day, the dog sits down at the piano and does THIS! What a music lover quadruped!

Who would not want to pet with an inclination towards music? The answer could certainly be… each of us. The protagonist of this movie demonstrates an innate artistic talent and shows us all that the piano can be just as suitable even for a dog.
Whenever he wants to give a true representation, Tucker, a white Schnoodle, is attracted to the piano. In this way he impresses everybody with his voice and his talent. It climbs the stool, puts his front paws on the piano and the concert begins.
It’s amazing how he accompanies himself. His vocalizations may be the result of daily rehearsals or spontaneous, inspired by the moment. If you think that he is doing this at least three times a day, you can guess where the talent comes from.
There is only one problem … neighbors who do not share Tucker’s passion.

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