She asks her three dogs to stay in a line. Now watch what the dog on the right does…OMG!

One of the best things about having a dog is that you can teach him to do all kinds of awesome tricks – and have an amazing time together doing it. While most dogs can easy learn simple tricks like how to roll over or how to sit, more complicated trick require extensive training and a lot of knowledge.
Dog training is a lot more complicated that many people think. First of all, there needs to be an extremely close connection between the dog and trainer. The dog needs to fully trust its trainer so that it responds to his/her commands. Also, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience until you can finally see some results.
The trainer and dogs in the video below seem like they have them all, and more. The dogs are able to perform some amazing tricks, and you can tell they are having a great time doing them.
The Border Collie, Terrier and Chihuahua prove that they are extremely well-trained. Now, you may be aware of the fact that different breeds of dogs respond differently to training methods, which only makes this video that more impressive.
Check it out:

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