This Augmented Reality Demo Is Completely Real. You Will Not Believe Your Eyes

Technology has come so far, and incredible innovations make us feel like we’re already living in the future. There’s no doubt that technology has transformed our lives in ways we didn’t even thought were possible. And if you ask me, we have seen nothing yet. Who knows what the future will bring?
We’ve constantly set limits, and through technology we’ve consistently overcome them. One of the things a lot of people look forward about future technology is augmented reality. This concept basically revolves around the idea of bringing the virtual into reality.
Sounds complicated, I know. Look at it as a mashup between the real world and the virtual world. Imagine waking up in the morning and shutting down your alarm by waving your finger in thin air. Or picture making a call by simply tapping on an icon that floats just above your head. Sounds crazy, right?
Well, the crazy thing is that this type of technology already exists, and it will totally blow your mind. The system shown in the video below is totally real. The clip was shot directly through Magic Leap technology without use of special effects or compositing. Take a look:

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