Boundless sadness in UK: He was happy after his son was born. The next day something TRAGIC happened!

This disturbing story made ​​the rounds of the Internet in recent days.

Benji Bolsenbroek, a young man aged 23, from United Kindom, was elated after he became a father. One week after his wife was discharged, he posted many pictures on Facebook along with his son.

“I am the happiest man in the world. Tomorrow I will celebrate with friends,” he wrote in the description. Then this happened. Benji gathered his best friends and together, they went to a bar near his house.

The end was tragic. Trying to stop a fight, the young man was hit several times in the head. Later he returned home, but started to feel really bad.

Eventually he took a taxi and went to the hospital. After 2 hours he died. Grieving wife posted a final message on his Facebook page. “Benji died.It’s Painful.I’m happy  he got to see his son. He would have been the best father in the world”.

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