Boy’s Devastated When He’s Outbid For His Late Father’s Car, But Watch The Man In The Hat…

If you have closes relative who have jobs that can put their lives in danger at any point, then you’re probably familiar with that feeling of always being worried that something could go terribly wrong and that you might not ever see that relative ever again. It’s the worst nightmare of anyone who has relatives serving in the first line of duty.
For the young man named Tanner in the video below, that nightmare turned into reality when his dad, a police officer, died after an intense car chase. He was extremely close to his dad, so the loss was almost unbearable for the young man.
Tanner’s life changed entirely almost overnight and he was struggling to cope with everything going on in his life. Years passed and he started to pick up the broken pieces and regain control over his life.
After a while, Tanned decided to buy his father’s old squad car so that he could keep his father’s memory alive. The car was supposed to be sold at an auction. There, something incredible happened.
This kind of things only happens in movies, so take a look and find out how it all ended. You won’t believe it!

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