British Man Fakes Coma To Avoid Court! He Stole £ 40.000! You Won’t Believe How He Got Caught!

A British man has claimed for two years to suffer from quadriplegia and comatose states to avoid the execution of a conviction received in court, has been unmasked by police who recorded the images in which he appears very healthy driving a car and walking around shopping aisles of a supermarket.

Alan Knight, a Welsh aged 47, stole more than £ 40,000 from the account of a neighbor who suffered from Alzheimmer.
When police began to investigate, Knight claimed to suffer from quadriplegia (paralysis of the limbs), and seizures during which he had come into coma. He was hospitalized to avoid presentation in court.

As an additional argument, his wife sent a letter to a local newspaper regarding her husband’s health problems and a medical certificate that he obtained from doctors who wrote that it “suffers from quadriplegic and comatose condition, immobilized on bed following a whiplash injury.

Police pursued banking operations made ​​through his credit card, and discovered with surprise that the man had managed to deceive everyone for two years, being perfectly healthy, driving his car and carrying shopping bags with nonchalance.

Announced that the trial court in which he was accused of theft will take place either in his presence or in his absence, he came to court in a wheelchair and with a cervical spine protection. In the face of obvious evidence, pleaded guilty to all 19 counts against him.

His attempt to capture the goodwill of the court, was not successful, the judge considering it “a complete scam artist, claiming to suffer from nonexistent diseases”. The sentence will be given on November 7.

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