A Cat Wandered Into A Bear Exhibit And Now Becomes Best Friends With Bears

You expect to see a bunch of animals whenever you visit the zoo. The most sought-after animals are the wild, dangerous animals that you would never want to see that close with no bars or partition glass separating you from them. On the opposite end of the spectrum are cats. Cats makes for great pets, but let’s be fair, no one goes to the zoo to see domesticated cats, which is why no one visits a zoo expecting to see cats.
However, visitors at the Folsom City Zoo in California were surprised to see a daring cat among the exhibits. But here’s the catch. The feline was in a bear’s enclosure. The courageous feline ventured out into the bear’s pen to snack on some food that was meant for the bear. Well, if there was any other pet, we might be surprised. But considering it’s a cat where talking about here, it totally makes sense.
The surprising thing was the bear’s reaction. Instead of getting upset because the cat was trespassing and eating his food, the bear was totally cool with it. Moreover, he befriended the cat, much to the excitement of visitor who witnessed the whole moment.
No one can resist a cat’s charm, I guess.

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