Cop orders man out of his car and onto his knees. When she realizes what’s REALLY happening? OMG!

For most people, getting stopped in traffic by a police officer is usually bad news. But for the couple in the video below, it was the start of a beautiful life together.
But it sure didn’t seem that way when the young woman realized she and her boyfriend were asked to exit the car they were in during what seemed to be a routine traffic stop. The video shows the police officer heading towards their car and asking the boyfriend to step down from the vehicle for more interrogation.
At that point, the woman was more than concerned with what was going on because, as she later confessed, she thought that the police officer was coming off a little too strong.
Still, she waited quietly by the front of the car while the officer pat down her boyfriend. To make matters worse, the cop pretended to discover something “suspicious” in the man’s pockets. At that point, the girlfriend was on the verge of her patience. The last thing she would have expected was a marriage proposal, but that’s exactly what happened next.
Her reaction when her boyfriend gets down on one knee and asks her the big question is just adorable!

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