Customers Wonder Why Checkout Line Is Moving Slowly, Read Sign & Are Left Speechless

Most of us can’t wait to be over with grocery shopping so that we can head out home and relax. So having to wait in line for minutes and minutes at a row most likely seems like a big waste of your time. It can be incredibly frustrating to spend time waiting in line, so you may be surprised by one supermarket’s decision to introduce the concept of “slow checkout lanes.”
Tesco recently announced that one of their stores in Scotland will feature a special checkout lane where customers can take as much as they want to pay for their purchase. You see, cashiers are not the only ones feeling pressured to act quickly and move fast.
Some customers may also feel rushed to complete the checkout process so that people waiting behind them won’t start to bash them or roll their eyes in anger. This slow checkout concept might be the perfect solution for people suffering from dementia, elderly people or those suffering from autism, for instance.
To learn more about this innovative concept and the changes it hopes to bring as far as customer satisfaction is concerned, make sure to watch the video below.

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