It May Look Like a Regular Hill. But 11 Seconds in, Don’t Take Your Eyes Away

Camouflage gear is an essential part of military equipment, but many animals out there have this survival tactic naturally built into them and can hide in plain sight. Survival can be a challenging game in the wild, so many animal species developed different ways to camouflage themselves throughout the course of evolution.
But the animals in the video below take camouflage into their environment to the next level.
The herd of Tahrs in New Zealand is perfectly camouflaged into the hill and most probably no one would have even been aware of their presence there if it hadn’t been for a hunter firing a shot in their direction.
Alerted by the noise, the entire herd appeared seemingly out of nowhere, making look like the hill on which they were on came to life. Just seconds later, the Tahrs disappeared down the slope just as quickly as they appeared.
The tahr is a large goat-like animals originally from the mountain ranges of India and Nepal. The animals were introduced to New Zealand by European settlers for the purpose of sport hunting.
This clip is only 11-seconds long but it’s enough to totally blow you away. Take a look and don’t forget to share this with all of your friends and family online.

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