Do You Doubt A Mother’s Instinct? This Touching Commercial Will Teach You A Secret!

Few things in this world are as powerful as a mother’s instinct. Moms know what their children are going through even before they find the strength to admit it themselves. Moms give the best advice and can offer the type of guidance that will help children live a happy, fulfilled life.
The commercial below perfectly illustrates the power of a mother’s instinct. The story in this video will definitely touch your heart and remind you about the powerful bound all children have with their mothers.
In the commercial, a woman gives birth to twins, but unfortunately only one of the babies is healthy. The other one is not breathing. The doctors say there’s nothing more they can do to save her baby, but mom is not willing to give up. Deep in her heart, she knows her baby will live. She holds her baby tight to her chest, and the baby miraculously opens his eyes and starts breathing.
Sure, this is just a commercial, but these kinds of miracles are known to happen from time to time. In fact, this ad was actually inspired by a true event. Take a look and don’t forget to share if you believe in the healing power of a mother’s love.

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