Elephant Ferociously Charges Man On Bike, The Reason Becomes Obvious Once She Lifts Her Trunk

There is no word that can properly describe just how magnificent wild animals really are. Unfortunately, though, us humans have failed to protect them.
What’s worse is that we’ve actually made their lives more difficult in many different regards. We hunt them for their beauty, we take down their homes and build cities and highway instead, we even use them for entertainment.
And there are dire consequences. The number of elephants in Asia, for instance, is shrinking at alarming rates. Elephants are extremely peaceful animals, but that’s only so much they can take. Wild animals don’t want to hurt us. They just want to protect their families from harm and live peacefully, which makes them a lot like humans, right?
The video below captures the amazing moment an adult elephant is standing up against humans to protect its herd, and it’s one of the most impressive displays of love we’ve seen in a while. It’s often that this kind of protective relationships plays out in wildlife, but it’s extremely rare that they get captured on video.
So this is a real treat, and not something you get to see every day! Also, it’s one more proof of just how intelligent wild animals really are.

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