Five Navy Men Take Their Place On The Stage. When They Look Up, The Crowd Goes Absolutely Crazy

Quick question for you: Have you ever met anyone who didn’t enjoy listening to the upbeat music from “Jersey Boys”? Me neither – and it’s really no surprise. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to dance no matter where you are and instantly puts you in a good mood.
It’s why the talented men and women of the United States Navy’s Band decided to incorporate a selection of Jersey Boys songs for a concert they held back in 2014. Their performance was downright flawless, and it’s hard to believe these talented men and women don’t actually do this for a living full-time.
Dressed in perfect, crisp white uniforms and with an entire orchestra behind them, they managed to put on a show and keep everybody entertained throughout their 10-minute long performance. In return, they received a ton of love and admiration from those in the audience.
Maybe the most remarkable thing of it all is the fact that all the men and women you see in this clip are all joined together by their common passion for music and entertaining other people with their talent.
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