Here’s the best way to order any meal at a drive-thru

Fast food has become a big part of our everyday lives, so for the majority of people out there, ordering food from a drive-thru is a pretty common activity. There’s nothing special about it. You just pull your car close by the speaker, and place your order speaking as loud and as clear as possible. Then, you go pick up your order, and that’s pretty much all there is to it.
Giorgio Fareira, aka the Sonic Drive-Thru, thinks that even the most common activity can be made special with music. The man is the lead singer of a band called The Interstate Life, and he is an extremely talented singer.
He decided to use his talent in a different way than he’s generally used to and brighten up the day of a fast-food worker. The man actually sang his entire fast-food order, and it’s enough to put up a smile on anybody’s face.
This is definitely not the kind of thing you see and hear every single day, so make sure to watch the clip until the end.

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