He’s arguing with his cockatoo. How the cockatoo reacts? I couldn’t stop LAUGHING

Cockatoos are some of the most popular birds online, and there’s really no surprise why. Their surprising personalities, their exotic look combined with their amazing ability to mimic human speech and all other kinds of sounds they hear around the house makes them extremely fun to be around.
There’s no way anybody can get bored when there’s a cockatoo around. Maxwell the Mollucan cockatoo is the star of the video below. Just like a lot of us, he is not particularly fond of mornings. I think that’s something we can all relate to, right?
He is a bit grumpy when his owner wakes him up early in the morning, and he’s not afraid to make his feelings known. Sassy is probably the best word to describe his attitude, and his owner has no other choice than to deal with it.
The only problem is that the owner is trying to leave for work, so he needs to put Maxwell back in his cage. But the bird is just not in the mood to obey any orders. So he makes his owner who is in a hurry chase him all over the house.
This is hilarious!

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