If you find money on the car’s windshield, DO NOT take it!

A new method of theft appeared in UK. Used for years abroad, this ingenious method arrived in UK.

Imagine that you have parked the car near a supermarket. A few minutes later you return with the bags and load them in the trunk. You sat in the car to start the engine when you notice that under the windshield wipers are some pounds, euros or dollars. What luck you would say!

While you get out of the car to take the money, a person quickly climbs into the car, starts the engine and drives away. Now you just have the money. But even so, it probably is counterfeited.

Many drivers are in such a situation in the US and Western Europe, and more recently there have been such cases in our country.

We must share this information with all drivers,so they will learn and know how to protect from such undesirable cases.

We urge you to be very careful, especially when you go shopping for the holidays that follow, and you are particularly sensitive to all kinds of small “miracles”.


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