This is why I’m never going into the ocean again

Sharks are scary, no doubt about it. And movies like Jaws sure didn’t help when it comes to how most people perceive sharks. Well, if you weren’t afraid of sharks up until now, you will after seeing the video below.
In fact, some of you guys might see it as reason enough not to go into the ocean ever again. Researchers in Australia have developed a new technology that allows them to get closer to sharks as ever before. That’s how they were able to capture incredible footage of a massive shark emerging from the water.
If you ask me, the images were taken a bit too close for comfort. The moment the huge shark breaches the water could rival any scene from any shark movie you’ve ever seen.
Even the anchors in Australia who had to tell the story were impressed beyond words. The look on their faces as they see the full size of that shark is worth a thousand words. They are simply baffled by what they see.
This is definitely not something you see every day, so take a look and don’t forget to share it with all of your friends and family!

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