LATEST PIN THEFT METHOD ! A Simple Way to Protect Your PIN From Thieves With Thermal Cameras!

The latest method of ATM theft is the thermal camera – camera that is able to provide offenders the four digits of your credit card and even their order. Now it’s even easier to steal someone’s PIN code, using just an Apple Iphone and a special case.

Criminals triggers thermal cameras to several tens of seconds after you enter the PIN, so the key palm protection is useless. Keystrokes will be recognizable in the picture, because body heat combined pressing and pressure on the keys will leave traces detectable by the cameras.

Experiments conducted by researchers have shown that this method has a success rate of 60% – 80%, depending on the time elapsed since entering the PIN and if the keys are plastic or covered with plastic wrap. If keys are metal cameras can not detect anything.

So here’s how criminals can find your PIN in an extremely ingenious way, without having to resort to complicated devices.

However, there is a little trick that you can use if you suspect that you spied with such a camera: before entering your PIN, press other numbers, and when you enter the correct ones to try to exert the same pressure on them.

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