This Man Pretended To Be In A Coma For Two Years To Avoid Court


Alan Knight faked being a quadriplegic and pretended to be in a coma for two years.

The Swansea 47-year-old – who claimed benefits for a “spine injury” that he claimed caused him seizures, leaving him in a “comatose state” – conned his pensioner neighbour out of £40,000 over two years and used the money to go on shopping trips and holidays, Swansea crown court heard.

A fraudster who pretended to be in a coma for two years was caught by police going on shopping trips and holidays with his family.

Conman Alan Knight of Swansea, South Wales, faked being in a vegetative state after he scammed his next door neighbour out of £40,000.

The 47-year-old tried to beat justice by claiming he was a quadriplegic – his family said he was hooked up to oxygen and had no movement from the neck down.



His wife appears to have been in the deception, saying that her husband had obtained a medical certificate saying it was “a quadriplegic and in a coma, forced bed at home.” He also told the newspaper: “We’ve talked about hell and we’re still going through hell.”

The photo was taken when researchers have continued to use paper grocery and the Knights controlled the security cameras. Once they had this Knight said that if he was there or not, have been carrying out the process.

Knight showed up in neck brace and wheelchair, but once he saw the evidence he pleaded guilty to 19 counts of forgery, fraud, and theft. His wife has not been charged with a crime yet. Knight is due to be sentenced on November 7th.

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